Relocating a Giant

A cooler day, yesterday, had me working out of the wind on the verandah or under the rear of the carport. This umbrella tree was just 40cm high when we brought it with us from Sydney in December 2019. We had it on the back verandah here but it grew so high it was scraping the ceiling in the wind. Norm did a great job relocating it down stairs on a box trolley where it will have at least another metre to grow if it desires.

The smaller palms were relocated to the verandah where the umbrella tree was. They make a nice screen between the other two that have also grown significantly.

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First day in Lock-down at Home.

We are finally home. Over the next two weeks of lock-down and at least 2 more negative Covid tests we’ll have plenty to keep us busy in the back garden and indoors. The fish pond was my first project.

Before: Where’s Nemo?
After: and Nemo is still alive. Thanks to my neighbour who fed him while we were in lock-down in Sydney.

Sunshine in the Garden

Finally the clouds have blown away and although still only 17C, the sun is a very welcome visitor to the garden at this time of the year.

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We’re at it again…

There’s always something to do in the garden. Here Norm prepares the middle veggie plot for lettuce at the front and butternut pumpkin at the back.
The Poinciana tree gets it’s forever pot. Re-potting it once is enough. Were not getting any younger. Yeah, it’s on a lean but when it settles, it most likely lean the other way. There’s no way it can be moved now.
First time bloomers.
After a blowy wet few hours, the sky turned beautiful again and the sun shone.

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Autumn almost over…

Here it is almost the end of Autumn and the garden is still flourishing. The Poinciana and Frangipani have only just begun to loose their leaves but with shadows creeping over the garden earlier every day, they’ll be bare soon enough.

We’re still harvesting the early 2020 spinach and cherry tomatos are having a final spurt of flowers. Cucumber, lettuce and small capsicums will probably die off once the winter claims all sun from the back yard. I’m looking forward to June to prepare the soil again for new seedlings.

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After the Rain

Our drainage problem last year has certainly been fixed.
No more sinking ankle deep in mud and slush.
Everything is green and flourishing.
Changes here and there. Finding just the right spot in the garden for this and that.
Our latest addition to a plain corner.
I love the sound of running water.
A few empty pots ready for an Autumn annual or two..
A view from the BBQ area
and one from the corner seat.
Something in every nook and cranny to make it just right.
We finally found a water feature that’s different and doesn’t feel over whelming. Do you like it?

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Summer Garden

Bottle Brush bush weighed down with it’s first season’s bloom.
Sunny places to sit and wander.
The sun shines on the bird bath making it glisten.
The weather station, a Christmas gift, is doing it’s job.
We’ve had a lot of rain. This time last year we were in a drought. When the drought broke the lawn turned into a marsh land but the drainage our son put in back in August 2020 is working perfectly. Gumboots no longer required.
Still planting and harvesting.
It’s amazing to think this was our backyard in January 2020.

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Summer Harvests

We never know what vegetables we’re having for lunch or tea until we harvest.
It’s been like this most days.
Last of the yellow tomatoes from the first planting. There must have been at least 10 containers like this picked to date. This last lot are mostly green but we had to pull the plant out because it was taking over the garden.
The new plant is already a metre high and flowering.
Silverbeet is almost finished but corn and yellow beans are already in and growing.

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Herbs, Herbs, Herbs.

Thyme & Sage
Chives. Why do you struggle so?
More sage and Borage. I haven’t grown Borage for years. Looking forward to Borage tea.
Yes. More Sage and Basil.
Rosemary looking good. Tastes good too.
These are some of the first herbs I planted in March. We used up all the basil. Waiting for seeds to grow.
mmmm…You may have guessed that Basil is a favourite.
Oregano is looking a little poorly but it’s still great on pizzas. There’s always plenty of Parsley. The 3 x 3 pots in above 3 photos are all situated at Norm’s finger tips for when he’s cooking on the BBQ or in the Pizza oven.
Fresh herbs ready for indoor cooked meals over the next few days. Did I say I love Basil?

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