My One Desire

My One Desire

Words of truth, words so pure,

gentle words to warm my heart

Deep desires, to seek his will.

His Spirit fills my deepest needs

my soul can only dare to hope

my one desire, to seek His will.

Words of hope, words of peace

a harmony of words, to impart

Deep desires to learn His will.

His Spirit knows my every need

my heart forever will be His own

my one desire, to learn His will.

Words of joy, words of love

honest words that won’t depart

Deep desires to live in His will.

His Spirit will always lead me on

my life I give to Him alone

my one desire, to live His will.

Words of praise, words to sing

valued expressions of his love

Deep desires to know His will.

His Spirit shares my inner fears

my mind is centred on Him only

my one desire to know His will.

Chrissy Siggee ©

This poem can not be copied, re-blogged or published

without the permission of the author.


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