Sudden Storm

Birds Silent

Crickets pause

– just stillness


A distant rumble

drip, drip, drip.

Leaves dance – puddles form


Refreshing, soaking

Splash, splash, splash.

Fading light – gloomy


Dark clouds melt

Soft breeze stirs

– sounds return


Chrissy Siggee


Pretty Bird

IMG_0142-imp.jpgWe often see victimisation and bullying in nature and birds are no exceptions. Across from our house is an open green area with a scattering of trees. A neighbour has donated a birdbath for the birds to enjoy and many residents will encourage the birds to hang around by feeding them. Usually the same variety of birds will gather together at various times during the day. Sometimes stragglers are left from a previous flock and fighting will breakout with screeches and squawks. Sometimes it’s the same breed who fight among themselves but this pretty bird flew in alone. By the time I set up my camera he had had a drink and was moving quite awkwardly up the branch of a jacaranda tree. That’s when I noticed how battered he looked and where there should have been brilliantly blue feathers on his head and chest were quite black and ruffled ones. He may be just old but most likely he’s an escaped caged bird and has been in a fight with native birds who didn’t appreciate his arrival.


This is a New Day

This is a new day

I love my holidays, vacations and down times especially if it involves water. Whether it be rivers, creeks, harbours, lakes, the ocean, even waterfalls. Taking morning and evening strolls are the most relaxing activity I like to do and the best place to walk is near water. This is the reason why many of my photos are taken by water.